About Us

The Worm Shed is a family operated business dedicated to recycling with worms and providing education to help build a sustainable future.

For more than 30 years, Kevin Smith has been working with worms after discovering their potential to recycle waste and create Castings (Worm Poo!), an 'organic fertiliser' that the plants just love. As the interest in worms grew, The Worm Shed began supplying worms to stores, eventually having them stocked in over 100 outlets. Though we soon realised that the personal service and advice are instrumental in ensuring your worms thrive, so we decided to take a different approach with our worms...

By providing worms and worm products from The Worm Shed, with extensive instructions and no limit to after sales advice, our aim is to share our 30 years experience with you, to keep your worms happy (and very much alive!) and working for you.

We are passionate about education and have decades of experience working with the public, especially school students, to educate on the importance of recycling and sustainability. We provide school incursions, as well as council workshops, expo and field day displays, and more.

Our own family has grown up at The Worm Shed, surrounded by worms, recycling our household waste, digging in the garden and enjoying the fresh healthy veggies grown in the Worm Castings and Worm Wiz. Naturally, they are equally dedicated to continuing the important work, our kids now taking on active roles both at the farm and in schools education.