Castings (Worm Poo)

Castings are a rich, organic, all purpose, soluble plant food, suitable for all plant types.

Available to purchase:

Castings, 15 Litre bag

  • Used when 'planting out', Castings reduce transplant shock and encourage strong root development.
    Place a handful of Castings in the planting hole, pop in the seedling, backfill, water and then... stand back!
  • As a soil conditioner, allow 2 to 4 litres of Castings per square metre.
  • As a general plant food, you can use as much as you like. Castings are totally natural and don't harm even the most delicate plants.

Seed Raising Mix, 15 Litre bag

  • The Worm Shed's Own Seed Raising Mix contains Castings for superior seed germination.

Please note: Minimum purchase of 4 bags for free delivery.

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